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Property Mgmt.Services

Thank you for your interest in Armstrong Realty Management Corporation and the services we provide to owners and tenantsof all property types in New York City.

Armstrong Realty Management Corp. was formed in January 2003, as a full service asset and property management company. Our goal is to serve property owners in the New York Metropolitan Area with  day-to-day building operations combined with a longterm eye toward future appreciation and protection of the asset.

With more than twenty years of transactional sales and proprty management experience in NYC, we are uniquely qualified to provide guidance to help your property value, both in the near and long term. Currently we are handling more than 30 properties comprised of Commmercial Properties, Residential Buildings, Retail Buildings, Mixed-Use Buildings, Condominium Buildings, Cooperatives Buildings in and around NYC.

In 2002, as a sales agent, our principal Mark Massey  formerly of Massey Knakal Realty Services Inc. captured R.E.B.N.Y.'s coveted Robert T. Lawrence Memorial Award (for most ingenious deal in NYC Real Estate) relating to an asemblage of thirteen properties on Second Avenue and 55th Street (Now the luxurious Milan Condominium highrise).  This brokerage transaction required nine (9) years of effort and determination in order to assemble the development site (land as well as air rights).  In addition to this accomplishment, Mr. Massey has acted as sales agent for more than 100 building sales in Manhattan valued in the 100's of millions of dollars.  Mr. Masseyis now continuing that tradition of excelllence in the property management field.

Please contact us directly for more detailed information about the sevices we provide and feel free to request references.
Property Mgmt.Services
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